Novosibirsk’s Ice City

Now this is what I call a Winter Wonderland.

Ice City NovosibirskA park on the frozen river bank made of ice; ice sculptures, ice slides, ice skating, rides, amusements, a maze and food stalls. All for 170 roubles (£3.40).

The Sculptures:

The Slides:

And my chair:

KingoftheCastle KingoftheCastle

KingoftheCastle KingoftheCastle

Apparently yesterday (January 19th) is the day that Russian Orthodox believe in washing away their sins by bathing in the freeeeezing cold river as it’s their Epiphany. I wanted to go and watch when Yulia told me this, but I think it was too late!

Novosibirsk River Ob

Novosibirsk River Ob

Can you imagine how cold that water must be!!!



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