Jet Lag

Jet lag 2Can’t sleep. Apparently it’s worse going West to East as a shorter day is harder to cope with than a longer day. I agree! I woke up so thought it would be a better idea to make myself tired again than just lie there..

My flight back was in an Airbus A320. My Dad is never impressed when I respond to what plane did I get with ‘err a normal one – there were like 3 seats and then 3 seats…’.

We got an amazing view of the Thames when we took off :

2013-01-13 22.39.11Just happened to look out the window and saw all the bright lights of London which looked really cool. Then I thought ‘that looks a bit like the London Eye’, realised it was, then I saw Big Ben. Then we went up the river with it on our right and saw Tower Bridge, and then the Millennium Dome; not a very good picture but you can see the big white thing in the middle.

2013-01-13 22.39.55

I looked like a right geek taking pictures out the window – I usually like to be too cool reading a magazine while we take off..yeh planes? Seen it all before..

I learnt on the way out that Aeroflot has the friendliest staff of any airline, but they don’t have a TV. I was actually stuck with nothing to do; I didn’t have a magazine or newspaper, my iPod had half an hour of battery, so I was left with Solitaire on my phone. And spotting the English person. Conclusion: English people order orange juice, Russian people order tomato juice.

Orange Juice

My Orange Juice

This time I brought a book. I haven’t read a book since the last Harry Potter came out…text books yes, but not a story. I also bought a magazine at the airport in case I didn’t like my book.
2013-01-13 23.51.15I’m halfway through already so it must be quite good. It’s all about a woman who travels in her mid life crisis. She is funny how she writes and travels a bit like me, although she is off to find her God in India next.

Russian airlines give you a choice of meat or fish. They don’t like vegetarians. You choose meat and then get a salad with cold fish in anyway..learnt from last time – don’t open it! Eurghh
2013-01-13 23.58.01We then had a 3 hour stopover in Moscow where we had to collect our luggage and re-check in (on the way to London baggage goes straight through?). I drank green tea with my new plane friend Eugenia I met on the way home and read my magazine. In London she followed me. In Russia I’m following her. We finally landed in Novosibirsk where it’s only -7c.
2013-01-14 17.11.31I think that’s the only time I’ve looked at -7c and thought ‘oh that sounds lovely and warm!’  How would Heathrow cope if the runway looked like that??!

I'm back!!


2 responses to “Jet Lag

  1. How was your first day back at work? The view was amazing – I can see the dome! Very cold here and a bit of snow and very slippery!

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