Tran-Siberian Railway to China

So I’ve had a lovely Christmas holiday at home, with lots of food; sausage rolls, chocolates, restaurants, cocktails, homemade pizza night, birthday cake, Chinese and Prosecco!  I had Christmas in Russia, NYE in London, my Birthday in Stratford and a night out in Colchester. I cut my guinea pigs nails, met Granny’s new dog, and met my baby cousin!

Back off to Russia…and all I can think about is my plans for the summer 😀

First I plan to take the Tran-Siberian Railway from Novosibirsk (where I live) to Beijing:


I’ve read a lot about it; from Seat 61 to other people blogs who’ve done it, and it looks quite fun, with a bed and unlimited hot water supplies! The Tran-Siberian Railway is huuuuge but I only need to go a few stops to get to Beijing, although I think it will take a few days going from Novosibirsk, past the Lake Baikal (largest lake in the world I believe), possibly through Mongolia to Beijing. Moscow to Beijing takes 7 days non-stop..! I think I’ll need some good books.

First I will need to get a visa for China. I think the best way to do this will be apply via post or DHL my passport to Grandad to take to London for me as I may not be home again before this trip.

I will then stop in Beijing for a few nights and then get the new high speed train (apparently just opened?!) to Hong Kong to stay with Aniela 🙂 She tells me we can go across the border and buy cheap fake handbags that look just the real thing which is very exciting!

And then… I don’t know!

I would like to do some or all of the following:

1. Go to Adelaide to visit Chloe

2. Go to L.A/New York/Chicago to visit Jere

3. Go to Norway to visit Therese

4. Go to Germany/Holland to see Erika, Jonas, Ilana…

5. Fly into Argentina and travel all the way up …

Ha, well depends how much money I can save for how much of this massive trip I can do..better get teaching 🙂

fave thing


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