Lifestyles of the rich and famous

I’ve never had anyone so excited to meet me before. I went to a very quiet school yesterday – I think a lot of (wise) people are staying at home because of the cold. My first class was just two girls who’d struggled in so we played the speaking board game which I get out whenever there’s a small class.

Then I had another class of just two girls who were quite a low level, so we played I spy..but with colours. They loved it so much they refused to leave when the lesson was over, saying nooo say one more, one more. Then I had a group of 16-year-olds. Two miserable boys and four lovely girls with lots of questions.

The last class was these four girls who kept telling me they were so nervous and excited.

One girl loves Cher Lloyd, One Direction and watches UK X Factor on YouTube – I thought that was quite cool! They usually just talk about Selena Gomez (still no idea who that is). They had lots of questions for me and then at the end they asked Β for a photo with me andΒ for my TwitterΒ ..


The life of a celeb..haha


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