Bit chilly

The last two days have seen the temperatures drop to between -30c and -40c. Sooooo cold! The first day I thought I did well as I wore my neck-face protector and a scarf round my face and wore my woolly socks. I didn’t realise however, that when it’s -30c it freezes your eyeslashes. Then when you get indoors, eyelashes defrost and leak mascara down your face. Lovely!

Day 2: snow boots, ski trousers, hoody, penguin coat, face protector, scarf, hood up – got some strange looks altho I was boiling!

The Siberians look very cold but don’t seem to think its a good idea to cover their noses. They just walk round with bright red faces, or some clutch their nose and run..! And give me strange looks when I look like a huge penguin and can only see my eyes!

I met Yulia for dinner with some students last night and decided I didn’t want to look quite so penguin, so swapped ski trousers for 2 pairs of thermal leggings and jeans. Worked very well. However I then met Yulia, who usually always looks lovely in stillettos and never wears a hat, so I didn’t think it was her when I saw someone in the same outfit I’d worn to school that morning – ski trousers, boots under a big penguin coat haha!


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