Shopping for a Warm Coat

I had a phone call from Alina when I was in school on Monday, telling me she was in a flat, which was old looking, not very nice and I’d be sharing with an old grandmother. Would I like it? ‘Erm…maybe there’s something nicer??’ She called back a bit later to tell me she was in a really nice flat, with a room with a big wardrobe, TV, and a nice lady who would sometimes have her children there.
I moved in on Tuesday morning. The lady doesn’t speak a word of English, she’s called Nastya, and her daughter is called Liza. She thinks if she speaks louder to me then I’ll understand. She is very nice, keeps giving me fruit, and made me chicken soup the other night, and tea with sugar and lemon. No internet though, so I’m often sitting in nice cafes to use the the wifi.

It got down to -10c this week, so thought it was definitely time to buy a new coat. Everyone tells me my ski coat is nowhere near big enough if I am to survive the cold, and now I realise why. I went to the shopping centre yesterday, which is just two minutes walk from my house, and was amazed at the customer service. They were asking me where I was from, and how wonderful it is to be from London, and picking out different coats for me to try, and ‘no, let me help you’, zipping them right up and telling me how well it goes with my hair.

I ended up buying this lovely navy blue coat, as I wasn’t allowed a black one, as everyone wears black. I wasn’t sure to start with, as I feel like a massive penguin, but once I got outside – wow! Most amazing, warmest coat EVER!! I love it.
ImageShe convinced me to buy it even though it was expensive, as it would have 10% off the price, and then I could choose a prize from the fishbowl which could get me even more discount. I got to the checkout, and chose my ticket, opened it up and it said 5000 rubles. They were all so shocked, but there’s me thinking ‘hmm how much is 5000, no it cant be £100?’ So yes, I won £100 off my coat and 10%, taking it from about £170 to £55.


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