Had my first classes today, as a substitute teacher. With only a list of ages and the book they were using I had no idea what I would be able to teach them, but it didn’t go too badly!

The first group were 10 years old, and one boy announced it was his birthday when he walked in, so I had them sing happy birthday.

The second group were tiny! They were 7 years old, and were actually crazy, jumping up and down, wanting to write all over the board, and only knew a few animal words. I kept remembering Liz saying that children shouldn’t be told to sit down always so I got them all standing up to teach body parts, although they weren’t very impressed I couldn’t write it in Russian. Then we named things around the classroom, and finally got them saying ‘it is a…pencil case‘ rather than ‘это pencil case‘. Then we played hangman. When they finally understood the game they got quite excited screaming  ‘нет’ when a bit of the hangman was drawn!

Next class was just a group of two boys, which was quite nice after the crazy small children. They showed me which page of  their book they were on, and we did some reading about haunted houses, and then asked them what they knew about London.

Then the last class was the oldest group who were 12 years old. It was the worst group; their book was quite difficult, and they didn’t understand anything. They were learning about sport, so I tried to get them talking about the Olympics. The boy Sasha was quite good, but the two girls just kept whispering to each other like ‘omg what is she saying!!!’ 

Next week, I will be teaching as a guest speaker, which will be a lot easier as the teacher will be there, so can explain to them, and hopefully we can do things that are more interesting!


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