London 2012 Games Maker

I was one of the 70,000 London 2012 Games Makers and it was amazing!

Me, Becca, Alan, Josie and Aron in the beautiful uniform

I worked at the Water Polo arena as a ‘Flash Quote Reporter’.

Outside the Water Polo arena

This involved:

Watching the game from the press stands:

Preparing questions based on the game, selecting athletes to interview, and interviewing them. Sometimes surrounded by lots of journalists fighting for the same player:
Spanish women being interviewed

Scribbling Writing the quotes down on my notepad as quickly as possible, and running back to the OPNS office to type them up to send to the world’s press:

Stupid hat not optional

And then running back to the pool to watch the next game and do it all again.

Sometimes we found our quotes in the press which was very exciting.

My best one was after a very exciting quarter final where Australia were beating Serbia (the favourites to win) for the first three quarters, then lost out in the last quarter. I had to interview a very upset Australian team where I learnt to put on my best disappointed face and ask,
“You were doing so well, what went wrong?!”

“It’s my whole career, you don’t train to come to the Olympics and not get a medal, it’s heartbreaking,” Rhys Howden said.

“We knew we could have beaten them. We’re pretty disappointed, pretty heartbroken.”

Check it out: Sharks let Serbia slip away

It was a tiring two weeks:

But so happy and exciting to be in the Olympic Park and be part of what was going on.


And then it was all over:

We all got a Games Maker baton as a thank you..

 ..’cos we made the Games happen!


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