Olympics Games Maker Uniform

Went to London to collect my Olympics uniform ready for the summer. Was very exciting, all these people volunteering their time to help out at the Games.  First I had to queue for my accreditation which I will have to wear to get in. And then we had to queue for a piece of paper to say which items we need. Then we queued to go through to the trying on bit. Then I tried on the trainers to decide my size. Then we waited to go in the changing room and decide which size t-shirts and trousers we wanted. Then we queued to collect it all in the warehouse. Then we queued to have it all scanned out. And then I collected my volunteer Oyster card. Phewww. Actually took two hours.

This is what I will look like:

Well cool. Along with my London 2012 trainers, socks, trousers, cap, brolly, watch, water bottle and bag.



2 responses to “Olympics Games Maker Uniform

  1. The uniform suits you better than me! Though it is very comfortable. Wouldn't have posted a picture of my pass until after the games. Never know these days who would try to make a copy one to get access to cause trouble.Enjoy your volunteering!

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