The End of the Ski Season

The survivors:

..and our last week with lots to do.

Task one:Β  Clean whole chalet with a toothbrush. And that does include steam cleaning the floor, cleaning under the benches in the sauna and cleaning the groove in the lift to get Christmas tree pine needles out.

Task two: Drink the bar created from left over guest alcohol. Oh yeh, and clean our room…

Task three: Visit the Hospiz Alm restaurant to slide down to the toilet. Weeeeeeeee

Task four: Make three matching skirts from ugly duvet cover so no one has to see it ever again. And wear them to staff party.

Task five: Hoard enough food to survive bad staff meals and lack of breakfasts. And to make a enough sandwiches for the journey home. One loaf of bread. 1kg of tuna. 1,5kg mayonΓ€se.


And off we went home to try and cope with not cleaning, not making a cake everyday, not having an organised fridge, not having a bio bin and not getting up at 7am everyday.

My first ski season finished – and it was amazing !!!!


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