More Northerners in my Ski Chalet

Was soo nice to have guests that said please and thank you again!
Normal people who wanted to chat.

Had a big family of Northerners this week who hadn’t skied much before.  Finally convinced them to go to Mooserwirt for some Aprés.
I know they’d been when no one was there when I went in to make dinner.
Then I heard the door go, and the two ladies creep in and go ‘ALICE…WE’RE DRUNK’ haaaa.

You can always tell when they’ve been to Aprés when they try to creep in.
I then got told the gossip about ‘them upstairs’ and that they love me and I had to tell them how much a good tip was.

Took the ‘children’ of the family on a night out..was fun!
We tried to be nice and buy a round of drinks coz they bought us drinks and we actually liked them and they weren’t rich snobs.
We just scraped together €30 for 6 jägerbombs between the three of us ha!


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