The Worst Chalet Guests

After an interesting half term week with the children, having to do high tea each night, I have been running around to the demands of some lovely guests..who were an hour late for dinner every night as they had one of their credit cards on the tab in Krazy Kangaruh, went to bed early, but couldn’t seem to crawl out of bed until 10:30am and wondered why I didn’t serve them a fry up.

Except for the keen girl, who was up at 8am every day..who had already planned her route for the day and couldn’t understand why the others had come on a ski holiday if they didn’t want to ski.

The group had divided. Mwah ha ha ha….

On the last night only half the group came to dinner, as the others didn’t like my food/were watching rugby. This is when I got all the gossip!
So, do you not hang out with the others then...’

The ‘nicer’ group took us out on the last night, before sending in some AWFUL feedback forms on the bus saying that I could not cook, and was generally lazy.

Thanks guys!

ย Bring on next week!


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