Now a snowboarder!

So last week I decided to make the big change and get a snowboard instead of skis.

The man in the shop checked I was sure as I’m not allowed to change back..
although I think the man in the ski bit said I could šŸ˜‰

I don’t think I will be going back..

Snowboard boots are sooooo comfy and a snowboard is so much lighter than skis

AND there’s no stupid poles to hold that I don’t seem to know what to do with anyway!

So I had my first lesson on Monday morning.
I made my cake the night before and told my guests breakfast was at 8am on the dot.

Grabbed Chloe and we rushed out to be at the lift for 9.30am to get in a group.
Was only -22c. Brr!!
Then after lunch the sun came out and I learnt to do some turns but not very well.

Went back out today with Chloe and after lots of falling over,Ā and falling off the lift when it had stopped for ski school children I finally got it..

and went alllll the way down the slope doing turns and didn’t fall over..
until right at the end when I panicked and fell right over forwards with snowboard in the air šŸ˜€

Think it suits me!!


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