When Liz and Les came to stay…

They arrived early. She was a vegetarian. He was just fussy. Their room was ready.

Old guests still in the chalet. They hoovered. They cleaned.
They emptied the bin. They emptied the dishwasher.

Was lovely!

The skiing:

Les loved it!

Liz hated it!

And I was just cool…

And Russian looking in that headband.

After spending a week hating it, a group lesson with Monika

a private lesson with Thomas
‘just imagine you’re shopping at Lakeside’,

a scary ride in the bubble, and mastering the button lift with the kind German lady,

Liz came out with this surprise:

This is the perfect holiday’ Liz, 2012.

‘Sorry, what?!’

Yes, it was perfect
– the allotment didn’t need looking after as it is winter
– Les was not bored as he had something to do, and was therefore tired at the end of the day
– there were no northerners
– no fat people

Well, what more could you want!


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