Australia Day in St. Anton!

Had the funniest day ever! Today was apparently Australia Day.. Never even knew that existed but now I work·sleep·live·eat·drink all day everyday with Chloé we celebrated!
Decided to make the whole four course dinner in the morning. I managed to finish by 11:30am.. Don’t know why I don’t do that more often.
Canapes were in the fridge ready, everything else in pans.
Went had a nap while Chloé made lasagne then we got on our skis and went to KKs for some après, and Australia facepaint and flag.
Was mental inside, sooooo busy.. Lots of fun dancing on tables until we had to leave… Got back to my chalet at 7:30pm, got those canapés out the fridge and dinner was on the table by 8:10pm. Don’t think my guests who had barely spoken to me all week were expecting that ha!
Turned out for the best as they realised I was a real person,
started chatting to me and left me £160!

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