Transfer Day – Chalet Life

So we’re back to the beginning; new guests. Mental transfer day yesterday as usual. My guests had their transfer at 15:10 so went out for lunch. At 14:45 my boss comes charging in saying I have to get my guests on the bus NOW, but they were out, tried calling no answer.

I didn’t think much more of it..then my new guests suddenly arrived so I had two lots at the same time! The old guests came back to the chalet about 15 minutes later and were told they’d missed the bus and the road out of St Anton…

…had been closed at 3pm for the night for avalanche protection.
So my guests were stuck in St Anton overnight and they were MAD!!!
No tips for me!

This week I have nine lads from Lancashire in my eight man chalet.
They ate the whole cake in about 5 minutes, canapes were gone in 2, they drank about 15 bottles of wine and have taught me that it’s ‘tea’ not dinner, and it’s a ‘brew’ not a cuppa tea lol.


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