Mein Geburtstag :D

Amazing Birthday!!

Normally there’s no one out at home coz it’s just after New Year/Christmas..
But here we have no idea which day of the week it is and it wouldn’t mean anything anyway as the only days we know are “transfer day” (not a good day) and “day off” (a very good day!). Luckily my Birthday was the day before “day off” woohoo.

So I woke up and opened my presents – thank you very much everyone, my bracelet is nearly full now!!!!!

Did breakfast, had a nap (I’m ill) and then decided I MUST go skiing – it’s my Birthday!! And it was a lovely sunny day for me – I can’t ski if it’s snowing..

Then went home, made dinner and got ready to go outtttt to BarCuba.

This is Team MountainStar! Chloe Jake Lucy and meeeeee aw!!


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