New Years Eve in St Anton

Haven’t blogged in a while, sooo busy and only have illegal use of internet in my kitchen. Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. Ours was quite strange. We woke up early and opened our presents, then me and Lucy opened a bottle of wine at 11am whilst making mince pies, skyped everyone, shoved turkey in the oven and went to the pub!
My guests were very nice though, they got me a box of Ferrero Rocher and I had dinner with them. They seemed to love my turkey.
So now it’s New Year week.Didn’t really even realise it was New Year’s Eve until Liz asked me on the phone what I was doing for it the night before, while I was waiting for delayed guests to arrive!!

So that night we cooked dinner as fast as we could, and then spent hours getting ready; washing hair, drying hair, straightening hair, backcombing hair:

‘sexy and we know it’ haaaaaaa
To then walk to a party in the street in the pouring rain (which had made the snow turn into ice) in heels. Got there – hair not so straight.
Just before midnight we found everyone we work with in the street, drinking champagne from plastic bottles, there was music playing, hundreds of people dancing..
and we were surrounded by fireworks going off from all around!!
Was amazing!!!!
Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!

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