Canapes Canapes Canapes

My first guests arrived Friday evening just in time for tea.Β  I was scared into thinking my beef stew wouldn’t be cooked in time so ended up burning it a little bit..oops. Think I rescued it! My family of 5 + one of the boy’s friends arrived. They are very nice, seem to like my food and thought the chalet was EPIC! The rep said they loved me so think it is going well, and they even loved my omelettes this morning – never really made an omelette before!!!!

So since my first ski, everything hurts, standing up cooking 4 course dinners means my feet hurt soooooo much.

This is how we all felt after the first service:

Stole a plastic box from childcare (playgroup next door to my bedroom)Β last night to have a foot spa -was niceee!

This is my chalet!!
With the icy death trap outside the front door..slip every time.

Back to my kitchen now to make dinner πŸ™‚


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