Training week

Haven’t had chance to blog since we arrived, and only got internet on my phone but I am fine!! Everything is good, and its cold but waiting for snow still.. Might come at the weekend.

So the first picture is my chalet in the middle:

Going to look very different in the snow! We’ve been having training all this week. We are divided into our chalets in groups and are in rotas for making the different meals each day. Someone makes breakfast (me this morning), then we go to a lecture; today was about stock takes and doing our ordering, and about giving cake to the lorry drivers to make them easier to work with when they deliver our food! Seems if you need something you just make someone a cake!

Then we go back to the chalet, someone makes lunch and a cake.
Then we go to a food demo where they show us how to make the menu for each day:

Is like watching cooking programme on the telly and we have to taste it all!
Then we go back to our chalets and one of us has to prepare the four courses for the rest of our group. I did the first night, and it all went fine..was all on time – easy! Ha.

And then we go to t’pub. At least half of them our northern too. Never worked or had uni with so many so start pickin it op like. And also very strange getting used to how the English drink again! In Cuba/Nicaragua people went out to dance, but here they go out to drink so sit in the pub all night downing beers and shots of jäger.. Looking forward to some of the nice looking cocktail bars to open!

Last picture is the girls I’m sharing and working in the same building with:

Chloe and Lucy who are both very nice, we seem to be getting on very well! Looking forward to starting properly next week. Only two of our chalets have guests so will be doing it in pairs which will be good to get the hang of it!
Just waiting for my four course dinner to be served..we’re even getting the aperetif tonight 😀


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