Graduation Ball Bournemouth University

Friday night we had our Graduation Ball which was as the O2 Academy in Bournemouth. We started with a meal at The Print Roomwhere we had a set menu. I had soup, salmon with risotto and chocolate brownie, which was very nice as they had chocolate mousse on top..mmm!

 At 9pm we were met outside the restaurant by our limo!

This huuuge 16 seater where we all got in, drank champagne and sung terrible karaoke while it drove us around Bournemouth..stopping twice to collect forgotten ball tickets! oops haha (not me!)

Luckily it stopped raining so we could have some pictures with our limo:

the girls ❤
..and the boys

Was soooo much fun, I want to get a limo everytime I go out!

‘my heart will go ooooooooon and ooonnnn’

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