Last day at school

Had my last days in the schools this week. Was very sad to say goodbye…but everyone was so nice. Lots of the children came up to me and then end when I said it was my last day and said thank you for teaching them and that I shouldn’t leave and two classes sung this song for me, something about having a million friends:

And then I said do you want to have a photo with me, and they all screamed


So here are some pics of me and my classes:

4th Grade Juan Diego
5th Grade Juan Diego
6th Grade Juan Diego

And then we got to see all these four/five year old children graduating from pre-school. They made them all put the gown and the funny hat on and stand on a chair for a photo:

But not before they’d had their hair brushed, and purple eyeshadow and mascara put on!

They did look beautiful:

But they are only four..ha! Will be me next week!

So today is my last day in Granada. Going to buy some rum and pack my bags ready for the bus to Costa Rica at 7am tomorrow… Very sad to leave so I must have had an amazing time!

See you all Tuesday morning!!!!!


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