Fiesta fiesta fiesta!!

Had a very long 5 day weekend…it rained Wednesday morning so there was no school, and then it was cancelled Thursday due to a ‘rain alert’ from the Ministry of Education. It didn’t rain Thursday.

This meant time for lots of fiestaaaaaa!

Started Wednesday night with some 2×1 mojitos in La Calzada and then we went to the karoake bar ‘Be’:

too many Germans!

Thursday night we went to a Jazz Concert, which was part of the Jazz Festival this weekend:

It was in the Hotel Granada and it was very dark and very silent, with this Glockenspiel thing being played. I thought jazz was a bit louder and more exciting…?! Then it finished and we went to ‘Conchis’ salsa bar:


Friday night we started in ‘Kellys’ bar with some rum and coke:

and then went to ‘Be’ (again!)

Lots of reggaeton my favourite 🙂 Granada’s favourite song at the moment!

Danza Kuduro

Maybe we had a bit too much rum and reggaeton Friday night, as Saturday we found ourselves in ‘Nectar’ with a nice diet coke. Then of course more salsaaaa in ‘Conchis’ 🙂

Thinking the weekend was over…no, no, no! Everyone wanted to go out Sunday toooo! Went for dinner in the bar with the 2×1 mojitos (y) and then to ‘Conchis’ for live reggae music!!!

That was very fun…lots of hippies tho but I fitted right in as I had my beautiful Barcelona trousers on!

And then Monday morning back to school:

Last week 😥

Decided to teach the time this week as they are always looking at the clock I have round my neck asking what the time is. However more children can’t tell the time (even in Spanish!) than I thought… Our worksheets we made with empty clocks for them to draw the hands on was perhaps a bit too adventurous! For most of them I was teaching how to tell the time with my clock made from a paper plate and two hands. ‘So the small hand is on the 4 and the big hand is on the 12 it’s four o’clock..’ etc. Most of them actually had no clue and last week most of them couldn’t tell me what 12 – 3 was, so have no idea what they are being taught in these schools if they can’t do basic maths or tell the time!


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