Clases de inglés

Nicky’s husband came in at the end of our class and took some pictures, so this is us teaching!!

We did object prepositions in the first two classes but they were so bored, ‘the ball is ON/UNDER the table’ etc so in the last class we started body parts. Got them to all stand up and we pointed at different parts ‘head’ ‘arm’ ‘ears’ etc. Then went through all the words and did ‘I have one head’ ‘I have 10 fingers’. Then I drew an alien and did how many heads does he have?! They didn’t seem to remember the verb ‘to have’ so went through it again at the end.

Then at 4pm I had my first class with my new students. I didn’t say before on here, but I now have extra classes. One is a group of 3 guys from Nicaragua who work for this Dutch lady. She asked the woman running the volunteering organisation I work for if anyone was interested in some paid teaching. Obviously I said yes 🙂 haha! And then she also said I could live in this very hugeee house for free!! I just moved in and it’s amazing!! Will put on some pics tomorrow. So today we had our first class. One guy I think is a bit older and is the accountant and he knew a tiny bit of English already but picked up new things very quickly. The other two work as maintenance and are a bit slower, although one picked it up very quickly, the other had a bit of a strop coz the others laughed at him..oh dear! Turns out he’s only really had primary school education so is going to be much slower, so now we decided that he will have classes on his own as there is a bit of a gap. The other two apparently want classes everyday! So I must have done something right!


3 responses to “Clases de inglés

  1. Oh my god how terrifying, all those children looking at you! You must be good at it though if people keep asking for more lessons 🙂

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