Question of the week

Why does Santa go to countries like England and America where the children already have everything, but he never comes to Nicaragua?!

Didn’t know what to say to that.

Knowing what to teach has also been hard. I tried to do ‘for breakfast I eat…’ ‘for lunch I eat…’ ‘for dinner I eat…’ last week. Before realising that they probably don’t eat 3 different meals a day when they said they drink ‘coffee black’ for breakfast and have cola for dinner.

But teaching is sooo funny! Last week they kept giggling coz ‘tomato’ sounds like ‘te mato’ in Spanish which means ‘I kill you’. And for some reason everyone already knows the word ‘chicken’. As soon as we showed the picture of the chicken it was ‘CHICKEN, CHICKEN!!’ Now this week we try to teach the word ‘kitchen’ and get ‘chicken’ repeated back to us lol.

Me: ‘What do you have in the kitchen?’
(after learning words such as ‘oven’ and ‘fridge’)

Little boy: ‘err CHICKEN?!’


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