Oops have forgotten to blog for a few days – am now a busy teacher!!

Walk to school

So this week was my first proper week, as Leonie (girl on my team) was sick last week and so we didn’t go to school much. I think I said before that I was going to help teach English..turns out that September is very low on volunteers so from next week it is up to me to teach English myself!! I’m quite excited for this. I have spent this week watching how Leonie has been doing it and helping out.

So we teach in 2 different schools; Mondays and Thursday in a small school where we have 3 classes called Juan Diego, and then Tuesdays and Wednesdays in a bigger school where we have 5 classes called Jose de la Cruz Mena.

Jose de la Cruz Mena

Each class lasts 45 minutes. They are all different grades, but they seem to have mixed ages, and they are all at the same level of English so each class we do basically the same thing. Except in the 3rd grade who are beginners. This week we have been doing the weather. ‘It is sunny,’ ‘It is raining’ over and over! Teaching is verrrry tiring!!! Especially when it is so hot. But really like all the children, they are really nice and friendly and seem interested to learn.

Two of my students!

Have the week off next week so going to do some travelling and plan the week afters classes. Going to be doing food/shopping all suggestions welcome!!


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