Las escuelas

Today I had my induction meeting for volunteering in the schools. First a girl from Nicaragua told us about the program; that they work in seven schools and work mainly with primary school children helping with Spanish, maths and computers etc. Then the older children they teach them English. I will be in the English team, helping to teach English.

Then we got shown around all the schools that they work in. Most of them were closed today, so didn’t see a lot. Apparently they have lots of days off here. All seemed quite normal. The schools had classrooms with chairs and desks in, and lots of posters and displays on the walls. Then we drove through to some more schools, down this dirt road which was full of houses like shacks. They were like sheds made with scraps of wood or scraps of corrugated metal..

This is also the most foreign I have ever felt in a country. Everyone has dark skin, dark hair, like latino. Everywhere else I have been I was able to blend in because there was a mixture of colours, and they’d only realise I was foreign when I spoke, but here I don’t think it would matter what clothes I wear because I will always look white and foreign. It’s really nice here though. And all the other volunteers are really nice; Germans, Swiss, Canadian, Spanish.. and we all hang out in the pool at the end of the day.

First day in the schools tomorrow!


2 responses to “Las escuelas

  1. Hi Alice – I love your blog, but not as much as Grandma does I don't think! Glad you have a nice group to hang out with by the pool – very glamorous. Good luck with the teaching! A xxxx

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