Costa Rica to Nicaragua

So today I had a looooong, cold bus journey to Nicaragua. The bus left at 6am and was 9 hours long..that’s like as long as my flight to Cuba was! So after about 5 hours we got to the border of Costa Rica where we had to get off the bus and queue up for immigration while a million people asked me to change money. I now have 3 currencies in my purse, getting very confusing! Then they just stamped my passport and we got back on the bus.

The border!

Then 2 minutes down the road we get to the Nicaraguan border. Here I had to pay 8000 colones ($16) for the visa and they collected all of our passports. Then we had to take all of our bags off the bus so they could be ‘checked’. They didn’t even look in my bag. While we were waiting there were lots of people trying to sell me stuff and beggars, just looked like a market! One lady had fried chicken in bags, another had funny little chicken models made from shells, and lots of sandals. I like people trying to sell me stuff, so I ended up buying a bag of cashew nuts and a reggaeton CD off a man who I made promise he would call me if the bus was leaving while I went to the toilet. Then they gave back my passport with my new visa in, and we got back on the bus for the last 100km to Granada.

Fried chicken in bags

I arrived in Granada and got a taxi to the volunteer house, and was met by a German girl who is also volunteering. The house is nice, I have a big room with a bathroom. Granada is also very nice. Lots of different coloured painted houses, more tourists than I imagined. The girl said normally she goes to the pool in the afternoon, so I thought that sounded lovely so we just got back from the pool which is in some hotel up the road. She said volunteers can pay $35 for the month and you get a free massage! I will be joining tomorrow.

The hotel pool (this is not where I live!)

Judging by the price of the piña colada at the hotel, it is much cheaper here than in Costa Rica! Just $2.75 instead of $5. And judging by the skinnyness of the horses it is even poorer than Cuba. Very skinny horseys.


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