Back in the city

Same Big Mac, same terrible service. If only I was mystery shopping here, he would have got a very bad report!! Back in San Jose. It’s raining. Feels like I’ve just got back to England after a lovely holiday at the beach coming back to the cityyy. It’s also cold. Well, 26c the sign said, so don’t know how hot it was in Cahuita for me to feel cold!

So strange the temperature changes in which ever part of the country you’re in, especially as it’s such a small country. Was really hot at the beach, Caribbean side and Pacific side, cold in the mountains, and then in between everywhere else.

Just been shopping to get supplies for Nicaragua. Leaving Saturday morning at 6am..! In desperate need of clothes so got some tops, and some makeup and a brolly. Can’t find leggings or shower gel anywhere!!


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