Went horse riding on the beach yesterday with a real cowboy ha!

Then I got to go to a bull fight or rodeo they called it. Was very strange. Everyone was sitting around the edge of the ring, where there was even someone walking around selling wands with flashing lights as if it was bonfire night.

So first they would have the bull in a box at the front. When they were ready they open the door and the bull comes running out, bucking and trying to kick the man riding him off… Then the man falls off and runs away before he gets trampled, while all these other people are running around trying to annoy the poor bull who then charges at them. Then two cowboys come out on their horses and try to lasso the bull and get him back in the box. They then did this over and over again with different bulls for about three hours…!

One man came away limping after getting thrown off and stood on – I thought served him right haha!! But at least they don’t kill the bull I suppose, and was interesting to see a tradition we don’t have at home, especially as I was probably the only foreign person there..have now seen the real Costa Rica!


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