This week I’m staying in a small beach town called Cahuita which is on the Caribbean sea. One side of the town is the beach Playa Negra and on the other side is the beach Playa Blanca which is in Cahuita National Park. There is 5km of beach along the edge of the rainforest and you have to pay a donation to enter.

I sat on the beach for a while, and watched the crabs running around. They’re quite funny to watch as they come out of their holes but if they see you looking they run back in.

I then followed the trail of the park through the jungle as they said there were monkeys and snakes. I couldn’t see much, just lots of lizards and big spiders.

A guided tour were on the way back through and they pointed out lots of snakes to me; some bright yellow ones and some brown ones. I saw a sloth, iguanas sleeping in the trees and then we saw lots of monkeys swinging high up in the trees. There were three big ones and two babies. It was amazing to see them in the wild.

The strange thing was, the other tourists took one look at the monkeys, took a photo of them, and then were off to see something else. I stood and watched them for ages as I thought they were amazing.


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