Volcán Arenal

Yesterday I took the bus to La Fortuna, where you can find Volcán Arenal.
2011-08-13 13.29.32My guidebook said it’s an active volcano and you can see it glowing red at night. I didn’t see any glowing.
La Fortuna was a tiny town, which only seemed to have shops selling tours.
2011-08-13 15.49.25They all had the same tours but for different prices. I decided I wanted to go horse riding to the waterfall. The first place wanted $60, and the next just $35. I chose the cheaper one, and it was really good.
62The horses were smaller than we’re used to, but looked healthy and well fed.
2011-08-14 13.07.37We got down to the waterfall where we could swim if we wanted.We rode the horses for about an hour as close to the waterfall as we could get.
65When we could see it in the distance, we left the horses in a field and walked down the 500 steps to the waterfall through the tropical rainforest.
66On the way there was a huge hanging bridge like on I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here.
bridge costa rican jungle
I imagine it to be quite terrifying if you don’t like heights but I loved it. Very cool and a bit wobbly.

73The others didn’t swim, so I wasn’t sure why they came. I went for a little swim but the water was quite cold!

Of course, 500 steps down means there are 500 steps back up.
48We got back on the horses and rode to an interpretation of an indigenous Costa Rican group. A man spoke to us in a thatched tipi. I’m not sure how real it was, and I thought it was a little strange going to look at people. However they must make some money from it as they had lots of cool painted wooden rain shakers or sale, which were all quite expensive.
77 I bought a very beautiful one with local birds painted on it. I’m not sure how I’m going to get it home.

Next they tried to take me to a butterfly garden. My biggest fear is butterflies so that was not going to happen.
butterfly gardenWe also went to a frog garden, which I did go in. We saw a little red frog and a frog with black and bright green pattern.


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