San José

I spent the day in San José today. Is a really nice city, very different from the rest of Costa Rica; a lot of mountains and countryside.
2011-08-09 15.29.39I found lots of shops while I was looking for a hammock. The guide book said there was a market but it was closed. Next I found the central market which had a few tourist shops, but just t shirts and towels, and lots of stalls selling fish and meat. Then I came out the market and saw a pet shop selling baby chicks in cages.
2011-08-09 16.57.38
They also had a cage of rabbits and guinea pigs with wire cage under their feet. I so wanted to rescue them all, but then they’d only replace them.
2011-08-09 16.56.04

I looked over, and a small boy was choosing a rabbit. The lady picked up the rabbit and just put it in a brown paper bag, as if it was just a cake or something! I had to get a sneaky picture…
2011-08-09 16.56.13

The rest of San José was much more normal. It seems very American; all the American fast food shops and so many shoe shops. I probably went in all of them. They all had these wellies and shoe wellies.

Must be because of all the rain they get, or is it the fashion in England too and I didn’t know?!


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