Volcán Poas

Milk farm

Elizabeth took me to the Poas Volcano near Alajuela today. She told me not to speak at the entrance, and so I paid the local price of 1000 colones ($2) instead of $12 for tourists. We walked up the steep slope, stopping to see a squirrel. First we saw Botos Lagoon; a volcano which isn’t active anymore and is now filled with rain water.
botos lagoonThe water is acidic so nothing lives in the water, just micro organisms and algae. The name Botos comes from the indigenous tribe who lived near the lagoon.
21Next was the main crater.
volcan poasIt’s very hard to see it, as it’s often covered in clouds and the smoke from the volcano.
volcan poasThe clouds were all swirling around it and there was a strange smell..volcano smell.
volcan poasWe then sat at the top on a bench and talked about the ridiculously dressed tourists in Spanish. They were all arriving with massive backpacks, hiking boots and raincoats. It wasn’t raining and it was a gentle concrete path all the way to the top, which you could have walked in flip flops.


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