I’m so rich

25,000 colones in my purse…

I went on a real computer for the first time since I’ve been away today. I couldn’t type at all. I also rang Liz. It was only 80 colones a minute – still not quite sure how much that is.

I just went to salsa class with the lady I live with. It was fun. I thought they were all going to be pros being latinos but no, they weren’t. It was a quite strange class. She taught us three different dances in one class. First was some crazy country dancing with lots of hopping and kicking. Then there was salsa, but it wasn’t really salsa; don’t know what it was and then it was merengue which is nice and easy.

I also went into the town of Alajuela this afternoon. It was sort of old looking, but then had Mcdonalds and Pizza Hut next to the Cathedral.

I went inside because I thought it looked nice. I sat down, then the next thing they start a service, and we had to stand for a song. I had to try and sneak out after that.


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