Best flight ever

I arrived back to Havana Airport in an old car with my friend Nina, who was flying back to Denmark.
Havana airportI got to my counter, and was getting excited that the flight was full so they were offering people a hotel for the night. I was quite hoping to stay an extra night, but they put my on the flight.
2011-08-01 09.14.04

They didn’t actually tell me, so I got on the plane looking for seat 3C and checked five times when I saw it was one of the big seats. Check out my leg room!
2011-08-01 09.19.56The steward kept coming over and asking if I wanted a drink. Then we got breakfast on a tray with real knife and fork, while everyone else got a roll in a box.
2011-08-01 10.13.55

I may or may not have stolen the miniature salt and pepper. Maybe that’s why people like me don’t fly first class.

2011-08-01 10.14.06

After all the free drinks, I popped to the toilet. Just as I came out the air steward was standing outside the door with a glass of orange juice, and told me to take this juice to the pilot. “Me?! In there?!” I went into the cockpit, sat down on a fold down seat, and was offered a cup of English tea for an English girl. It was very interesting; they showed me how the plane flies; basically it’s just autopilot until they land. Easy.
2011-08-01 10.00.04

I went back to my seat for landing, and we  arrived safely in Costa Rica. I changed some of my dollars at the airport. I got 26,000 for $60, but then the taxi driver asked for $5, so I suppose you can pay in both here too. I arrived to my new casa run by Elizabeth.
2011-08-01 16.09.26They gave me some food, but I have been very tired all day so have just been watching films on the TV in my room. It’s been so nice to relax!


2 responses to “Best flight ever

  1. HIYA Alice!!It looks so fun – am super jealous! And can't believe you hada first class flight and then stole the pepper – honestly!Have you got a taste for rum yet?Lots of loveA xxxx

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