Last day in Cuba!


Things I haven’t done for a whole month:

– Been shopping
– Drank tea (maybe 5 times)
– Been on a computer
– Cooked anything!
– Watched TV
– Straightened my hair!

Que mΓ‘s..?!

I think I have replaced all of these things with going to the beach, drinking mango juice and living in casas where they do all the cooking for’s been difficult! I think the only thing I really miss is shopping. I’m getting very bored of my clothes I brought with me.
Lobster Cuba

Tomorrow I’m off to Costa Rica. I’ve found the dollars at the bottom of my bag, I think my visa is okay, I have my passport, flight ticket printed. I’m ready.

Cuba has been so amazing. Completely different from anywhere else I’ve been. I’ve got used to getting shared taxis in the street, eating from cafes which the front of people’s houses, and being able to get mojitos and piΓ±a colada everywhere.
pina colada beach havanaThere’s no international shops, no Mcdonald’s, no internet, hardly anyone has mobiles and they play only a tiny bit of English/American music. It feels like England 20 years ago (and in the villages 100 years ago) but it’s nice because it makes Cuba so different and interesting.
malecon havana

It’s just a bit sad when I tell people I’m off to Costa Rica, and they say how much they wish they could travel but they can’t leave the country. I realise that my life as a rich foreigner is very different to theirs.


One response to “Last day in Cuba!

  1. No shopping is good.Drinking so little tea is ok, but not for meNo computer -AAAHHHGG! But you have got your phone.No cooking – well I could live with that for a month- you will make up for it in the winter!No TV – gosh! DW I have recorded a couple of things that I think you will want to see.I will also remind you of your last sentence -A RICH foreigner – when you are home!Wish I had come with you ( I know you are glad I didn't) haha

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