A la playa

Today we had our first day of warm weather. By warm I mean crazy hot, and I think we all got burnt, even though we spent the day under the parasols.
beach cubaThe lady I’m living with; Rosa, suggested that her friend with a big car take us to the beach. This being Cuba, none of our phones are working, so we have to arrange everything by prior agreement, and writing each other notes.
Car in HavanaI rode to our meeting point in the back of the huge car, where everybody was waiting. We all squeezed in and drove to the nearest beach,Β Playa de Santa Maria.
2011-07-10 10.44.23The water was warm and clear, and the cocktails were only $2.50 for a piΓ±a coladaΒ – mm!
2011-07-10 11.58.54There was also a “coco, coco” man, salsa bands playing for people, lots of palm trees and we had fried chicken with rice for lunch which we ate with a piece of cardboard instead of a fork.
2011-07-10 14.25.05Then it was time to squeeze back in the coolest car ever.
2011-07-10 16.27.57

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