La casa particular

I went back to Uni for our second day, and found out that I am in the top ‘superior’ class..ooh la la! Then we had to introduce ourselves in paired conversations. Our teacher told us about Cuba; how to get taxis and how to pay with the different currencies. After the break she talked about José Martí who is a very famous Cuban. Next we had to talk about someone of importance in our country. I wasn’t sure who to say, so I chose Princess Diana.
Havana University

After school I moved to my new casa. I was supposed to stay in Ricardo’s Casa but when I arrived he said it was full. I was already thinking oh what a lovely house, but then he took me to Rosa’s Casa, in the smallest car you have ever seen, with no floor; you could see all of the metal and the pedals sticking out. Also you could see the inside where you wind the window up which was so strange. I got into the new house at Rosa’s and it was even nicer. I have my own part, so upstairs is the bed:

2011-07-05 16.40.46…and then downstairs I have a mini kitchen, and my own bathroom.

2011-07-05 16.41.33

Rosa lives in a really big house with big metal gates at the front.
2011-07-16 11.49.53She makes really good food too, for $20 per night I also get breakfast and dinner, which is completely different each time.
2011-07-16 11.49.48I would highly recommend Rosa’s Casa. If anyone would like to stay with her, I can put you in contact.


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