First thoughts on Havana

I’ve just woken up after a very long sleep 🙂 I got to my hotel at about 6pm here last night, which was 11pm for me, so after the flight I was soo tired I just went straight to bed. This was the view from my hotel last night:
havana hotel st johnAnd one of the old cars driving past when I was in my taxi from the airport.
cuban carI’m now waiting for breakfast to start at 7am, and then I’m going to go and see if I can find the Uni so I can start school.


2 responses to “First thoughts on Havana

  1. What a view! Spent the whole day thinking what time it is in Cuba and that "you would be up by now" and "going to the uni" by now. Hope you found it ok and the Spanish lesson was good. Very good news that your Blackberry works there.

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